Pinterest Surpasses Tumblr In Unique Visitors

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It’s here.  It has finally happened. We all knew it was coming. This is the year 2012, after all.

I’m not talking about The Rapture or Ragnarok or the Good ol’ End of Days. I’m talking about the below graph, which shows that in August of 2012, Pinterest surpassed Tumblr in Unique Visitors for the first time. Ever.

Unique Visitors - vs.

Monumental, eh? Pinterest has been a bit of a digital darling since being valued at $1.5 billion, but Tumblr has been a longstanding micro blogging paradigm for years and continues to have an intensely loyal community.  They’re both being focused on for their usefulness to digital marketers, but if you look closer you’ll see that perhaps they’re not all that comparable.

Both dwell in the hemisphere of social curation, but Pinterest and Tumblr offer separate services to often separate demographics. As shown in a comparison from our previous post ‘Tumblr vs. Pinterest: Not Even a Contest’ the two sites tend to appeal to different audiences.

Pinterest Age Demographics

Tumblr Age Demographics

Tumblr is more popular with younger audiences while Pinterest tends match the domestic internet average between age groups, giving it a more even spread. Both enable users to curate content intra-site and from around the web to design personalized, deeply stylized arrays of images, ideas and imminently shareable content. What’s more is that users want to share content, making a marketer’s task simple: design something promotional and visually appealing and do it with an intriguing edge.

These sites overlap just as much as they stand apart. Pinterest’s rapid ascension has stunned many, and we can only hope people remain as fastidiously loyal to the infamous image boarding site as they have Tumblr.  How do you think these two sties collide? Do you find components of them mutally exclusive? Let us know in the comments below.


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