Obama vs. Romney: Who’s Supporting Who?

Political Debate

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If you were like me last Wednesday night, you might have found yourself sitting on the couch with a few friends or family members and tuning into the first Presidential debate of the 2012 election. If so, you also likely picked up on a major theme running throughout Jim Lehrer’s (the moderator) questions.


Last week Compete published an infographic on how the two candidates stacked up against each other online (Check out the Digital Duel 2012 here). This revealed several key differences among the visitors to each of the candidates’ websites. Obama’s supporters were more apt to be younger and split evenly between males and females. Romney’s supporters tended to be on the older side and skewed more towards males.

These insights initially help quench our thirst when contrasting the people in the Obama and Romney camps, but it still doesn’t tell the whole story of who exactly these people are. Using Compete’s Category Profiles and Behavioral Segments, we are able to capitalize on our behavioral data to get an even better idea of who these supporters are.

We looked at the biggest differences in how each candidate’s supporters indexed against various behavioral categories and here are the top five for each:

Top 5 Profile Categories for Each Candidate

These profiles showed that Obama registers greater with people who are African American, art enthusiasts, environmentally conscious, LGBT, and comedy fans. On the other hand, Romney’s campaign seems to grab the attention of more people who are politically involved, read business and finance blogs, enjoy religion/faith, are Asian American and business oriented. How’s that for some contrast?

Are you surprised by any of the major differences in supporters? Do you think the candidates are capturing the types of people they’re looking for? Let us know in the comments below!

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