Don’t Bother with an E-Commerce Strategy!

Nordstrom sign

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This past July and August, Nordstrom ran their annual anniversary sale. We looked at the impact of their online efforts. Now, a few weeks after, did Nordstrom see any lift from their online push?

Looking at Daily Reach and Daily Attention for the last three months we can see that did see a spike when the sale launched, but there was not a sustained lift in traffic after the initial launch. - Daily Reach vs. Daily Attention

Looking further at search referrals we can see that search referrals saw a slight spike during the sale but have not been maintained since. - Total Search Referrals vs. Paid Search Referrals

What does this mean for Is Nordstrom paying enough attention to their online shoppers? Are they creating enough interest among their shoppers to actually make a purchase online or in a brick and mortar store?

Without a strong e-commerce strategy, Nordstrom will be neglecting their consumers where they are considering a purchase.

Moving forward, Nordstrom could consider a bigger push online during the sales period with emails and more online advertising.


About Alyssa Maine:
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