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The big news this week (for me at least) is that Myspace is back! Again! Except this time it’s totally for real. Just check out their new promotional video, Justin Timberlake included! Myspace, which for a while now has been a vestigial network of its former glory, might just be making an incredible comeback with its new focus (music) and new layout (horizontal Pinterest).

Speaking of up and comings, have you seen It’s essentially a Pinterest for men, and when I say men I actually mean over-exaggerated masculinity (the site is essentially girls and bikinis and unhealthy food).  It’s one of a few Pinterest wannabes written about by BostInno. We gave our own spin on these Pinterest derivatives, so check out the up-and-comings and the forever-lessers!

How much do you know about mobile? Probably not enough, so do yourself a favor and check out BostInno’s ‘5 Things to Know About Mobile.’ Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, might have already beat you to it! She’s got big plans to grow Yahoo’s mobile capabilities, partnerships and scale according to an article in Search Engine Watch.

Anyone shopping online these days? According to an article in Marketing Land, retail web sites are significantly slower than they were last year, averaging a nine percent reduction in load rate. The study even shows that IE 10 beats Firefox and Chrome. Check out the article, and for the full study check out Strangeloop’s website.

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