Myspace Is Back, and It’s Like, Super Neat


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Remember Myspace? Remember absolutely flipping out when you saw the small red text notifying you about a new message or friend request? Because I do, and now parts of that excitement are reawakening as Myspace readies it’s brand new, totally sexy revamp. And somehow Justin Timberlake is involved, which is also totally sexy. Just saying. -  Average Stay vs. Unique Visitors
Everyone knows that Myspace has withered in recent years in the glare of other social networking titans. Unique visitors to the site have consistently been slipping for over two years and a declining average stay implies that old users are losing interest. However, this revamp is taking a different approach. Now, according to Tim and Chris Vanderhook who bought the company a la 2011, the revamped Myspace will hinge on highlighting emerging artists. It’s a platform for discovery. It’s an arena of exhibition, this time without inhibition. Check out the promo video on and make sure your palm is poised just under your jaw for when it drops. It’s nothing short of stunning.

Myspace NEW

This does seem a tad familiar though. Search for ‘new myspace’ on YouTube and you’ll find the below video introducing a 2010 revamp. Check out the UVs in the above graph again and you’ll notice the evident impotency of this previous relaunch (released in beta in October of 2010). Waning average stay tells us engagement also remained immune.

But you know what? After watching the new video I signed up. Myspace was crucial in carving out the internet’s interactive role in my adolescence, and after seeing their plans I’m feeling a stunning mix of nostalgia and fondness. Mix that nostalgia with the intrigue inspired by the teaser video and you’ve sunk two major hooks into attracting new and veteran users.

But what about the competition? What about and Rdio? Well, looking at a comparison between the UVs to the three sites it’s a bit obvious who’s already got the strongest platform.

Unique Visitors - vs. vs.

Let’s be honest: there’s something so tempting, so scandalous and perverse about returning to the formerly-defunct-now-mind-numbingly-neat Myspace that will probably reverse the evacuation the network has been suffering through.  A complete metamorphosis, lacquered atop a site already embedded in the hearts of a generation that can’t stop digitalizing their identity, will be Myspace’s competitive advantage. And of course Justin Timberlake. That man is F-I-N-E. Fine.

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