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There is so much social content out there. Some people say it’s too much, and some people think it’s just the beginning. Writing from the later standpoint, Digiday explained a recent Pew study stating curation is on the rise, and so is the creation of original content to curate. The Curation Class, as Digiday calls them, are within the 18-29 age range and inhabit the worlds of Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. For them, the creation and curation of content is a primary facet of their online lives, and it would behove brands to learn how to best integrate their story in these new formats.

Speaking of harnessing young online curation, it appears that President Obama has figured out a way to make social work for his campaign. The initiative involves asking people to use their Instagrams to take a picture of themselves, with a hand over their heart and an issue scribbled onto the back of that hand, to demonstrate activism and proactive political support. The goal is to engage the youth demographic, ages 18 – 29, as these are the least likely people to actually vote. Do you think the engagement will translate to votes?

One study by Nature thinks this is exactly the case. The study says that close Facebook friends can influence voter turnout. How gnarly! The crux of the results were that yes, social is crucial in running a champion campaign, and at the very least should never be underestimated. These findings, mixed with the above story about Obama and Instagram, could be a key predictor in the results of the upcoming election.

And speaking of champion marketing efforts, let’s talk about Apple and the iPhone for a minute. “The launch is all anyone’s been talking about,” say the loyalists, while everyone else just nods sweetly and then moves on. If you’re interested in checking out a visual rendering of the iPhone marketing wave, we strongly suggest you check out THIS infographic by Fiksu, via MarketingProfs.

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