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Weekly Pulse

This past Tuesday, the 11th anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2001, a touching spotlight was lent to a recent social media campaign carried out by the New York Police Department, in which officers killed in the line of duty at day were recognized in tweeted memorial. The tweets were austere, simple, elegant, consisting of each officer’s name and rank, linking to a Facebook page with further details about that officer, along with a photo. Each tweet was hash tagged with #neverforget. This is the first memorial of its kind, and the beauty of it should not be lost on those of us wrapped up daily in how to manipulate social media for business.  Is this a respectful memorial? Let us know in the comments.

Last week Bing announced its Search Challenge, and we’re all wondering what’s become of it! Recently Search Engine Watch posted an article about Bing’s efforts to sex up its search engine through an affiliation with Her Campus. The campaign consisted of inviting influential college women to Bing sponsored parties, but not just anyone was allowed: Facebook friends and Twitter followers were two criteria required in deciding if an invite was influential enough to attend. Exclusion was key. What do you think of this marketing tactic? Have you taken the search challenge yet?

Are you pin crazy? It’s okay. You can admit it. Lots of people are. That’s why we recently ran a survey on how Pinterest influences users and brands. The data was recently picked up in a MarketingProfs article entitled, ‘Pinterest’s Impact on Users and on Your Brand.’ Some quick bites include: Pinterest has nearly half as many users as—you guessed it—Twitter, and is currently cannibalizing other social media sites. Check it for more insights and pin away!

If you don’t know about the current election looming on the horizon, you might out of your bunker once in a while for a dose of news, media, and perhaps some oxygen. The Verge recently surmised a study by Nature that found a particularly quirky, not-so-surprising correlation between social media and voting: according to Nature, Facebook provided a “small but nonetheless significant impact on voter turnout in the 2010 Congressional elections. “ Neat, huh?

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