3 Steps in Picking the Perfect Affiliate Partners

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways you can sell your product. There are a lot of advantages to having someone else sell for you, including exposure to an audience you may have never reached on your own. Building out your affiliate program is like choosing your friends; you need to carefully pick and choose who you work with since they will be directly representing your brand and affecting your reputation. That’s where your research skills come into play. Here is out simple, three point checklist to ensure you pick the best from the myriad of potential affiliate opportunities:

1. Act the Part of the Consumer

Of course you’ll want to visit the sites of the partners you’re considering to do some information gathering. Pay attention to the ways they present things they’re selling, notice any other affiliates they currently work with, and take stock of the general quality of the site. Would you want them representing your brand?

2. Use Third Party Competitive Intelligence Tools to Verify Value

Another way to help you decide if a potential partnership will pay off for you is to use a competitive intelligence service like Compete PRO to assist you in vetting a prospective affiliate site. This way, you can reference unbiased data and get a good high level sense of how their site performs. By looking at unique visitors (UVs), you can easily estimate the size of a potential affiliate site, and setting UV thresholds for who you’ll work with can help ensure that your affiliate relationships will be as profitable as you need them to be.

3. Know the Metrics That Matter

Engagement metrics like page views, pages per visit, and average time on site will also be important to you as you qualify your potential partners. If their users are actively engaged, that can indicate an established level of trust between the site and its visitors, which naturally builds some trust in their affiliates by association.

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