Is Everything Really All Natural at Chipotle?


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Chipotle Mexican Grill is not your typical fast food chain. With organic ingredients and their “Food with Integrity” mission, you’ll be hard pressed to find a dollar menu at this fast and casual restaurant.

But as Chipotle continues to expand across the nation, with a “food culture changing cylinder of deliciousness” in hand, are consumers buying into what’s wrapped in foil?

As far as fast-food chains go, we can see that Chipotle is in direct competition with other tex-mex fast-food chains.

Looking at we can see that sees the most activity compared to and in regards to unique visitors on a monthly basis.

Unique Visitors to,, and

While Chipotle might be seeing the most unique visitors on a monthly basis, how is the site performing against its competitors?

Looking further, we can see that the top ten keyword search referrals for each website respectively.

Keyword Search Referrals for

Keyword Search Referrals for

Keyword Search Referrals for

What is interesting to note is that, compared to its competitors, Chipotle has the largest share of traffic from its brand name, but is paying the most for it. Looking at the “menu” keyword for each, we can see that Chipotle at 8.7% share has a much lower share than either of its competitors, which both have a greater than 14% share. While Baja is attracting menu visitors naturally, Qdoba is paying for a lot of their menu searchers.

Which leads me to ask, what is the hand off between researching a menu online and going to the fast food restaurant? Are monthly unique visitors actually purchasing a burrito or just researching their menus? Would Chipotle see a higher number of unique visitors if they upped their paid share on the keyword “menu”?

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