Seeing Between the Lines of the Search and the Click

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Search marketing is an intense and competitive battlefield, and for those of us in the trenches it can feel like being dropped in an unknown location without a map or GPS to guide us.

To date, the ability to track actual consumer behavior from a search to a click has been virtually non-existent. Because search engine results pages (SERPs) are different for every consumer based on past search behavior, location and social connections, capturing competitive intelligence is increasingly difficult. For search marketers, this means little to no visibility into what is happening on the SERP.

The traditional approaches to measuring your brand’s search marketing effectiveness has been through collecting information about the referrals to your site through internal tools, and if one wanted secondary research, to purchase data collected through spidering.

Compete’s approach to understanding consumer behavior in the search space leverages the actual search behavior of its panel of consumers in order to capture the full breadth of terms people use when searching.

To learn more about our unique view into search engine results pages, download our free report Seeing Between the Lines of the Search and the Click.

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