Go Ahead, Take the Search Challenge: Bing vs. Google at Bingiton.com

Bing vs Google

Image from: Bingiton! / Bingiton.com

For those of you who have been tracking the shifts in search market share for at least the last year, or even since the launch of Bing, you will have noticed that Bing has been steadily increasing its share of the US search market.  And perhaps you’ve also noticed, especially in 2011 and in 2012 so far, that Bing has been chipping away at Google’s share of the US core search market.

Lots of things can be contributing to this trend – new and/or different features, different user experiences, the simple existence of alternative engines for either/both consumers and search marketers – but the data has shown that this trend has been fairly consistent and for quite some time.  In July 2012, Google’s share stood at 65.1%, -2.9ppts down from the year prior.  Bing’s share during the same time period rose 5ppt’s to 18.9% of the US core market.

Some may find this new initiative by Bing surprising, but competition drives innovation and forward movement in technology.  Today Bing is throwing down the gauntlet (so to speak) and is inviting consumers to decide for themselves which engine they prefer.  Think of it as the Pepsi-Coke challenge, but replace Bing and Google in that equation.  Ultimately the choice of search engines depends on so many variables, but at the end of the day, whatever will sway the consumer should be experienced and decided upon in an un-biased manner.

Try it out, regardless of whether or not you’re a current Google or Bing loyalist: bingiton.com

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