Webinar: Over the Top Video Today

Videos Online

Image from: Videos Online / Shutterstock

In tomorrow’s upcoming webinar we will explore the growth in Over-The-Top (OTT) video, looking at existing market players and the impact on telecom consumer behavior.

There is still time to join us October 4th at 2pm and you will learn:

  • What is driving the increase in online video consumption?
  • Who is viewing online video?
  • How are OTT and device proliferation impacting TV service dynamics?
  • A look back at how NBC leveraged online video for the Olympics

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About Alyssa Maine:
Alyssa is a Marketing Coordinator for Compete and spends her time diving into the digital marketing sphere, where online and offline coincide. Alyssa is interested in international marketing and economic development, but as a digital native also spends her time reading blogs and playing Tiny Wings. Find Alyssa on Twitter at @alyssamaine or connect with her on Linkedin or Google+