The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

The obvious event of this week is President Obama’s social media exploit, in which he sat down for an Ask Me Anything session on The chat itself lasted about a half-hour, and the response has been mixed. AdAge contends that the tactic itself was smart, but actually empty of deep insights. Next month, you can count on us to check back to see if the President’s appearance registers in Reddit’s traffic.

Do you think a social media presence is important? TechCrunch recently wrote a piece on how much a ‘like’ is worth using SumAll Social Metrics, which tracks a company’s social activity against web traffic and revenue. If you’re working with social content, these sort of insights could be the answer to knowing what your company’s return is on social marketing.

Do you have a content marketing strategy for your website? You should. Take a look at Marketing Land’s guide to content creation, strategy, goals, and results, or else how do you know where you stand?

Part of creating is making sure it reaches the right people, and part of making sure exposure is maximized is timing content to correlate with SEO results. Search Engine Watch suggests putting together a content calendar to achieve this punctual emphasis. This way, the true value of your content can be measured and tweaked to give your creativity the exposure it deserves.

Ever heard of Neuromarketing? This is the crossbreed between behavioral neuroscience and marketing and studies the brain to determine its response to assorted marketing tactics and techniques. Direct Marketing News recently interviewed Caroline Winnett, CMO of Nielsen Neurofocus, to discuss her departments fascinating research. Do yourself a favor and check it now! Now, at parties, you’ll have everyone stumped with your neuromarketing know-how!

Lastly, a bit of fun. Do you know what people are searching on Wikipedia? Using Compete’s search referrals, we took a look to see what people visiting Wikipedia were looking to find, and the answers were pretty interesting. Some made sense, like Michael Phelps and pop-sensation One Direction, but some were a bit…odd. Neil Turing, a mathematician? Richard Dawson? Wolfgang g. Schwanitz? I had to wikipeida a few of those myself.

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