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The Weekly Compete Pulse

Where did people advertise themselves before Facebook? Before Twitter? According to Ballentine’s, it’s the t-shirt that should be attributed to the first modern, self-oriented advertisement, and it’s to the t-shirt that this task shall return! They’re some smart folk over there, and they’ve managed to create an internet-connected t-shirt that’s design interacts with you via your online presence. Check out their pitch video below! Search Engine Watch put out an

Can Chick-fil-A Convert Those Prayers Into Page Views?

Image from: Chick-fil-A Protestor / The Daily Beast Welcome to the internet, where everyone has an opinion! This is what I would like to say to Dan Cathy, the president of the fast food franchise and adoringly-scrutinized company Chick-fil-A. I would like to say it to him casually, dressed as I usually am in skinny jeans, metallic silver Sperry’s, and accessorized like my jewelry box and I are in competition.

Understand Consumer Behavior, Watch Referral Traffic Pour In

Image from: Connections and Referrals / Shutterstock As a “results-driven” online marketer, it’s easy to get caught up in analytics and numbers. Figures and statistics keep your boss less sadistic. That’s a saying, right? Taking a step back and actually thinking about your prospective customers seems like common sense, but not thinking about them is a mistake we marketers make every day. Instead of driving referral traffic to our sites

Can Stand Against Competitors?

Image from: High Heels / Shutterstock Whether it’s a night out with friends, a special occasion, or even a new job, there is an endless list of excuses for purchasing a new pair of shoes. This is why when the end of July began sneaking up I took it as a perfectly valid excuse to go ahead with my online search for a new pair of heels for the upcoming

3 Tools for Insights Into Your Display Advertising

Image from: Toolbox / Shutterstock Check out this Compete webinar entitled “3 Tools for Insights Into Your Display Advertising” and examine the two tools and techniques most used by planners and buyers today, and contrast those with behavioral-based insights using Compete Media Planner. Learn how Compete’s panel of 2 million consumers delivers a new level of depth and precision in your agency’s media planning. Sign up here to join us

Remember When Neopets Outranked Google? Now It Outranks Facebook

Image from: Neopets Homepage / In 2001 Neopets outranked Google in overall attention online by eight rankings. Eight of them! And you know what? It completely makes sense to me. There was a time in my life where I craved the unconditional love (read:  dependency) of a virtualized pet, and Neopets was there to satiate my 12-year-old power complex.  Since then I’ve aimed my psychosis at other things (a

Digging a Little Deeper Into Digg’s Downfall

Image from: Soil with Shovel / Shutterstock I used to be a loyal user of, but after a few too many changes I stopped visiting the site. So when I heard that Betaworks was going to be rebuilding the social news platform from scratch I decided to see what was going on with Digg. The failing news website, Digg was recently sold to Betaworks for the small sum of

Sunday Series: The Cooking Category

Image from: Paula Deen / Scrape TV Here, on my own in Boston, every night is a chance to prove I’m a real-life person via cooking myself something that does not incorporate a microwave and/or only eating Pop-tarts. And how do I accomplish this? I Google recipes. I follow food blogs. I piece together my own version of Chopped with whatever’s left in my pantry. I decided to see if my online culinary-crutch could

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Everyone has Googled themselves, right? Right. If the curiosity doesn’t get you, the narcissism surely will. All too often people perform this small ritual and what do they find? Pure horror. But not to worry! Recently Lifehacker put out an article on how to better your online reputation using a variety of social media platforms like LinkedIn, WordPress and Vimeo. In the world of personal branding you’ve got to be

Webinar Replay: Optimize Your Media Strategy

Image from: Chess Pieces / Shutterstock Compete recently hosted a webinar on “How Ad Effectiveness Tools Can Help Optimize Your Media Strategy.” Did you reach your desired audience with your advertising? How did you advertising affect consumers that didn’t click on the ad? are you able to measure the total impact of your advertising campaign? Download the recording today and learn: Compete’s approach to measuring ad effectiveness How our panel-based

Is Pottery Barn’s Paid Search Actually Paying Off?

­­ Image from: Pottery Barn Store Front / The Frosting Top I’m a careful shopper. I just am. Before I make any large purchases I have the tendency to turn to online search to assist me with finding what I’m looking for more efficiently. Recently, I have been searching for room décor and accessories and I consistently noticed at the top of my search results page. Wondering about Pottery