With a Billion Dollars, Why Can’t Instagram Make a Better Site?


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Back in April we wrote about how Facebook’s “mini” purchase of photo-sharing app Instagram might not end well for the San Francisco start-up. Based on Facebook’s purchase history, most start-ups didn’t last much longer after the big buy out. And while the Rich Kids of Instagram aren’t protesting, we figured it was high time to see how Instagram was performing on the web.

Looking at Compete.com we can see that Unique Visitors to Instagram.com has risen significantly, especially from June to July.

Unique Visitors to Instagram.com

With over 10 million UV’s for the month of July and an increased growth of more than 230% Instagram looks to be immune to disappearing into obscurity.

But as more people visit Instagram.com I have to wonder what visitors are actually doing there. Instagram’s website barely offers an ad for its app, and so I decided to look further and see how much attention the site was actually getting.

instagram homepage

Looking at Average Stay and Pages/Visit we can see that while more people are visiting the site on a monthly basis, activity isn’t rising as visitation increases. With Pages/Visit down approximately 19% and Average Stay rising no more than 20 seconds in the last month I would expect more of an experience, especially out of a website that is capturing more than 10 million UV’s in July alone.

Pages per Visit vs. Average Stay at Instagram.com

So I guess I can’t complain since Instagram has remained the same since they were bought by Facebook. However, I will complain that they’re not doing much of anything with their website, despite the tremendous online popularity.

So here is my plea, Instagram, please make your website more than an ad. Make it an experience and maybe I will give you a billion dollars too.

About Alyssa Maine:
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