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Marketing is about standing out. Sometimes. Mostly it’s about translating a message across a medium in a promotional fashion, but what happens when marketing gets in its own way? This is often the case in brand extensions, where quixotic gimmicks like Cheetos Lipgloss are created to draw attention back to a brand but actually cause a consumer to simply shudder. AdAge’s John Parham recently put out a guide to extending your brand without stooping, and it’s worth looking at for any brand trying to push out of its box.

Do you know what the top 5 most liked brand posts on Facebook are?  Check out the compiled list over at Digiday! And, while you’re over there, take a look at Compete’s own Facebook page! We’ll regularly be posting news about our products, marketing stories, and updates about our office shenanigans!

Did you know that by 2017, the Boomer generation is expected to account for 50% of the US population? You should care, because it’s also expected that they’ll control 70% of the country’s disposable income. They’re the generation that’s been the focus of a Marketing Profs article posted this week, outlining how Baby Boomers are America’s Most Valuable Generation. Factoring this statistic into your strategy could promise some long-term revenue.

Some of you may have read the Bill Lee post in the Harvard Business Review last week that was boldly titled ‘Marketing Is Dead.’ If you haven’t, check it out, and then check out Digiday’s interview with author Bill Lee, entitled ‘How Social is Changing Marketing,’ where he clarifies that traditional marketing is dead. That’s a slight difference, yes?

And then there’s the other camp, the people who are not so affable towards social, the ones who might resonate with Joe Soto’s piece asking Is Social Media Marketing Starting to Annoy You? Obviously we’re a bit biased—or at least I am over here on my digital marketing throne—but there’s definitely something to be said about the surly underside of social media marketing campaigns. Just ask Mountain Dew.

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