Will Taco Bell’s New Menu Spice Up Traffic Online?

Think outside the bun

Image from: Think Outside The Bun Logo / Taco Bell

Taco Bell has longtime competed with fast food hamburger restaurants, and they’ve been upfront about it with their “Think Outside the Bun” slogan. With a big push to boost sales, this year has marked some big changes for the fast food chain. From the introduction of a breakfast line, a new Doritos Locos Taco and revised slogan, “Live Mas,” Taco Bell has added one more ingredient to the mix: a new gourmet line.

But as Taco Bell continues to invest in new product launches and marketing efforts, is it paying off?

Looking at data from Compete PRO On July 5, the official launch date of the Cantina Bell menu, daily reach and daily attention spiked for the site. While we do see a spike in traffic on July 5, there has not been a sustained lift in traffic in the past month. Daily Reach vs. Daily Attention to Tacobell.com

However, when looking at the impact of the menu launch, will the efforts of a new menu alone generate enough buzz to sustain any lift for a big brand?  Looking at search referrals for tacobell.com we can see that “taco bell menu” receives just under 19% of search referral share, with the second highest search referral share. With a new menu in place, will the novelty in available products be the spice that Taco Bell needs to boost sales?Daily Search Referrals for Tacobell.com

The future is looking a little brighter for Taco Bell, but it may be too early for them to rings the chimes of victory. Do you think Taco Bell’s new menu will be enough to reorient how people think about the brand? Is an improved menu enough for Taco Bell to knock it out, or is this just a struggle before they’re down for the count?

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