Sunday Series: The Electronics Category


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The start of another academic year looms before us like that archetypal algebra teacher that we all dreaded…you know, the one who smelled vaguely of mothballs and asbestos? Remember? Anyways, the point is that in modern times education has coincided dramatically with technology, and with this collision has thrived a market bent on gadgets with educational applications. I churned up the below chart, a list of electronics sites ranked by their ascension in UVs since last month, to see if my suspicion was supported. Oddly enough, a gadget that is not patently educational (i.e. not a laptop or a calculator) holds the top spot; a camcorder!

10 Gains in Montly UVs for Electronics

The other top sites for the most part reflect a trend of looking for discounted electronic, which is about consistent with back-to-school shopping. Getting quality research done and hunting down those deals are a consumers main concerns in the summer month of June, it seems, and electronics companies could benefit from accenting their sales to catch this fever right as it starts, and not when it’s in full swing come late August to September.

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