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Where did people advertise themselves before Facebook? Before Twitter? According to Ballentine’s, it’s the t-shirt that should be attributed to the first modern, self-oriented advertisement, and it’s to the t-shirt that this task shall return! They’re some smart folk over there, and they’ve managed to create an internet-connected t-shirt that’s design interacts with you via your online presence. Check out their pitch video below!

Search Engine Watch put out an article recently that delivered some bad news: The Financial Sector has forsaken social media! The horror! It’s true; by Q4 2011, investment in social was at 22%. Now we see that in Q2 of 2012 investment has dropped to just 6%. What’s the deal, then? Evidently the potential for backlash via social media is just too daunting. Twitter may be known for a lot of things, but evidently kindness towards The Financial Sector is not one of them.

What happens when you’re marketing strategy works a little too well? Just as Erin Dostal over at Direct Marketing News, who wrote a recent article about what happens when marketers target a little too much. Her data points out that in the world of politics, people don’t want to hear exclusively about the issues that people assume they’d be most interested in.  It’s presumptuous and—even worse—it’s just plain creepy. For more, clink on the link to view her article.

If you’re running a business blog, then we know you’ve got a lot of pressure on you to put out good, meaningful, and engaging content. If you’re running short on inspiration, check out Search Engine Watch’s list of 88 Content Creation Ideas for Better Business Blog Posts, Images, or Videos. But please don’t get carried away! Before you throw yourselves into full-fledged, locked-to-your-cubicle-writing-feverishly-like-a-victorian-poet mode, take a look at Marketing Profs’ Five Tips to Make Company Blogs Worth Reading. Happy writing, y’all!

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