Understand Consumer Behavior, Watch Referral Traffic Pour In

Connections and Referrals

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As a “results-driven” online marketer, it’s easy to get caught up in analytics and numbers. Figures and statistics keep your boss less sadistic. That’s a saying, right? Taking a step back and actually thinking about your prospective customers seems like common sense, but not thinking about them is a mistake we marketers make every day. Instead of driving referral traffic to our sites by any means necessary, isn’t it about time we actually put consumers first?

We all know generating referral traffic is important for online marketers to think about. Not only is it a great way to bring potential leads into your site, many of the techniques commonly used for building referral traffic are also ways to build up your SEO using inbound links. What you might now know is where to start.

By taking a look at what your competitors are doing to get referral traffic, you can get a good feeling for which websites you should be focusing your efforts on, but that’s only a portion of the picture. By using behavioral categories in Compete PRO, you can see exactly how consumers are reaching sites based on their interests that line up with the right customers you want to attract. By focusing on real consumer behaviors, you can catch anything you might have missed when you were looking at your competitive set and see where your prospects are going before and after they reach sites like yours.

This kind of information is invaluable for online marketers as you plan your content marketing strategy and increase your referrals from the right sources. For example, you may learn that a particular, unexpected behavioral segment drives a significant amount of traffic to your competitors and you can focus more attention and energy on attracting those potential customers to your site.

What are you doing to increase referral traffic to your site? Are you spending too much time on analytics and not enough time learning about your potential customers? To learn how else you can better focus your efforts on real consumer behaviors, download Compete’s How to Generate More Referral Traffic with Competitive Intelligence.

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