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Whether it’s a night out with friends, a special occasion, or even a new job, there is an endless list of excuses for purchasing a new pair of shoes. This is why when the end of July began sneaking up I took it as a perfectly valid excuse to go ahead with my online search for a new pair of heels for the upcoming end of summer festivities! After hearing about the site from a friend, I was interested in viewing an online comparison between them and competitors’ DSW and Payless Shoes. Using Compete PRO, I decided to compare the unique visitors over the past two years to,, and to see who stood on top.

Unique Visitors to Shoe Sites appears to be taking the lead against competitors as they have received the most unique visitors to their site in June 2012. As and appear to be trending down from May to June, is continuing to gain momentum. Since Shoedazzle, DSW, and Payless Shoe are all among the “Shoes and Accessories” category, I decided to look deeper at the search referral keywords for the category as a whole.

Daily Search Referrals for Shoes and Accessories Category

It appears that the top ten keywords with the largest share of traffic to the “Shoes and Accessories” category are branded, with “dsw” and “payless” included in the top five. Is this an opportunity that Shoedazzle is missing out on? Should they strive to land their branded keyword, “shoedazzle” into the top ten for the category in order to gain better representation among the category and within the entire web? As an entirely web based company, it is in Shoedazzle’s best interest to do all that they can to reach a larger consumer base and beat out fellow competitors – including and especially those with both online and on site selling locations.

Have you ever visited or purchased shoes on the web, especially from If so, what led you to the site? Did you find what you were looking for? Let us know in the comments below!

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