The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

Everyone has Googled themselves, right? Right. If the curiosity doesn’t get you, the narcissism surely will. All too often people perform this small ritual and what do they find? Pure horror. But not to worry! Recently Lifehacker put out an article on how to better your online reputation using a variety of social media platforms like LinkedIn, WordPress and Vimeo. In the world of personal branding you’ve got to be your own marketer, and if the first thing to show up when you’re name is googled is the picture of you at your cousin’s bat mitzvah covered in glitter and frosting, that’s on you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Speaking of marketing and social media, OPEN Forum via Mashable put out a list of 5 Facebook marketing resources that you’re probably not using yet.  Related to this list is their top 10 Facebook marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. Don’t be caught off guard, and safe Facebooking to you all!

Sometimes, though, you’re going to have to deal with people face to face (as in without The Book). This is a good thing! In-person interactions, simply put, are often the most concise way of dealing with people. If you’re looking to network then you should skim through Mashable’s list of 45+ events in Social Media, Marketing and Entertainment.

Did you know only 30% of B2B marketers are using email marketing as their primary lead tactic? This week Marketing Profs put together a great piece on Business-2-Business Email Marketing, Best-Practices and Trends. Emails are relatively cheap, simple, and for most of us easy; why not capitalize on their potential?

Zappos has a big fan, and that fan is Skyword. If you’re looking to read about a company that’s creating an incredible content marketing strategy, check out this article on Zappos put out by Skyword. According to Skyword, between their superlative customer service and their stellar content marketing, Zappos is an example to us all.

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Ryan La Sala joins Compete as the Digital Marketing Co-op for, sovereign of all things social media. Ryan is a current attendant of Northeastern University, dual-majoring in Cultural Anthropology and International Affairs (with minors in Biology and Psychology), with career interests in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Consumer Anthropology. Aside from acquiring aspirations with big words, Ryan’s other interests include reading cheesy fiction, writing in any capacity, singing and cooking. Find Ryan on twitter @Ryality or connect with him on LinkedIn.