Digressing to Discounts: Digging for Deals Online

Discount Shopping Online

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With school right around the corner, I have found myself shopping for the best deals around. Whether I’m looking for furniture, books, or nearby deals, discounts are always on my mind. With that being said, I was curious as to see as to what types of discounts consumers alike are looking for. When I did a broad keyword search for the word discount in Compete PRO, I was surprised to see that Amazon.com didn’t make the top 5, not to mention that Ebay.com didn’t even make the top 10. I also noted that there’s not a specific industry category that dominates the top 15 keyword destinations. This all led me to wonder if it would be possible for a specific industry to take over the top 5 sites. If so, which industry do you think could take over?

Daily Broad Match Destinations for Keyword 'Discount'

I decided to augment my search to discounts within an industry, specifically the furniture industry. My findings matched my expectations more than my previous search. When searching discount furniture, shown below, the majority of top sites came from the home and garden industry, mass merchant and department stores. This led me to conclude that consumers are more likely to search for a specific discount opposed to discounts in general.

Daily Broad Match Destinations for Keyword 'Discount Furniture'

Looking at a specific sub domain, I was able to see that Overstock.com created a presence within the top 5 sites while searching discount furniture, discount jewelry, and discount clothes searches. Mass online retailers are creating a presence and brand recognition in specific with online discount shoppers.

Who doesn’t love a good discount, especially if their found at the convenience of the web? What are your thoughts, and how do you discount through a keyword search or a specific website?

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