Is Subway Going for the Gold?


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With the upcoming London Olympics right around the corner, it’s nearly impossible to miss the Michael Phelps craze. Whether he is swimming the butterfly or describing his favorite sub, Phelps has been in the public’s eye. All this talk about Phelps led me to where 5 Dollar footlongs, Apolo Ohno, nutrition facts, and the avocado craze were heavily promoted.

Has Subway been able to capitalize on their sponsorship with Phelps that began back in 2008? Will the strong association between Phelps and the Olympics carry over to Subway’s new spokesperson as the London Olympics get underway? Has this sponsorship with Phelps increased web traffic to because of the Olympics?
Looking on we can see Visits per Person to for the month of June.

Vists Per Person to

The Visits per Person has been on the rise to ever since April. I wonder if the excitement of the Olympics and the Olympic Trials were contributing factors to the rise. However, upon further exploring, I discovered that the daily reach for Subway (below) was up 6.15% for the month of June. This led me to wonder why the people on the sites stayed for longer, were they looking to discover Phelps favorite footlong?

Daily Reach to

It wasn’t until I looked at traffic to that I found something very interesting. Michael Phelps was ranked 13th in keyword referrals to the site amongst branded keywords. Is this strong association between Phelps and the Olympics enough to increase traffic to

Daily Search Referrals to

I predict that this sponsorship will bring brand exposure to The commercials with Phelps have surfaced and I feel that July will generate numerous unique visits to with positive month-over-month numbers. Subway and their sponsorships with Olympic athletes such as Phelps and Ohno could become a trend for the franchise if the upcoming months show an increase in traffic. It’s up to the July data to determine if this sponsorship has earned the gold.

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