Another Toy Story: Hasbro vs. Mattel

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They’re at it again- Hasbro and Mattel, two of the toy industry’s largest competitors, are competing for first place of online traffic. According to last month’s Compete data, this is the closest they’ve been in attracting Unique Visitors since last fall and it appears that Hasbro is just barely ahead of Mattel. What factors may be affecting Hasbro’s online performance? What can Hasbro do to ensure the brand remains ahead of the competition?

Unique Visitors to and

Search is always an important source of traffic to sites, so I started by looking at the amount of traffic coming from search.  A quick comparison using Compete PRO shows that Hasbro blows Mattel out of the water in terms of search traffic. Hasbro has brought in a significant amount more traffic from search referrals (831,059) than Mattel (117,608). Why is there such a large gap in traffic generated from search while the Unique Visitors to each site are very close? This indicates that a portion of Mattel’s traffic is going directly to the website and isn’t spending time searching for By investing more in search marketing, Mattel might be able to attract more customers and actually surpass Hasbro in terms of total site visitors.

Total Search Referrals for and

I decided to look into the keywords generating traffic for the individual sites in order to better understand how people are getting to and When I looked at Mattel’s search referral information, I noticed that the keywords generating traffic to the site mostly included manufacturer key terms.

Daily Search Referrals to

Hasbro’s search referral data indicated that more traffic was generated from keywords relating to toy names rather than manufacturer-branded keywords.

Daily Search Referrals to

Moving Forward:

  • In what ways can Hasbro improve their SEO strategy that increases their level of traffic?
  • How can Hasbro better optimize search on their branded name?
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