Pinterest and Urban Outfitters Inc. – A Match Made in Hipster Heaven

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As many know, Urban Outfitters Inc. is an extremely successful company managing many storefront brands. Its top stores include Urban Outfitters itself, Free People, and Anthropologie. While each brand’s customer is very different, all seem to appreciate craftiness, creativity, and unique products. That is why it is no wonder to us that Pinterest’s users are also UO Inc. customers! However, we think you would be shocked to see the extent to which Pinterest is marketing these brands.Top 10 Referrals to Apparel Websites from

Out of the top 10 referrals to apparel websites from, three are Urban Outfitters brands, totaling just short of 1% of all outgoing traffic from Pinterest. This means that 1 out of every 100 users that leave Pinterest go to an Urban Outfitters website – in the running against national top site referrals like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc. It is extremely impressive for a retail company to maintain 1% of any referrals, because most of the top referrals are top websites in general.

But what does this mean for Urban Outfitters Inc. and Pinterest? How much of an impact are Pinterest referrals having when compared with the total traffic driven to the websites of these brands? The answer? A lot.

Incoming Traffic to

Pinterest is the SIXTHHIGHEST referral to, contributing 2.80% of total visits in the month of June, amassing just over 30,520 referrals.

Incoming Traffic to

Pinterest is a VIP in the eyes of Free People as well, referring 4.21% of all of the total visits to Comparatively, only 6.52% of Free People’s visitors arrive at the site by directly typing it into their browsers.

Incoming Traffic to also has Pinterest to thank for 1.14% of June’s incoming traffic, which accumulates to a whopping 23,000 visits and places Pinterest as the #10 top referral right below popular social media sites like Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube.

If I were in the Urban Outfitters Inc. marketing department, I’d be looking at the different ways I could campaign through this nifty website and at how I could further connect the crossover in Pinterest users and Urban Outfitters customers.

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