Digital CMO Series: AOL

Digital CMO Series

At the Digital CMO Summit this past May, we had a chance to sit down with our Keynote speaker David Shing, Digital Prophet at AOL. As Digital Prophet – David Shing spends a lot of time understanding what is happening in the digital landscape. He shared his perspectives on the future and current state of digital with us in an action-packed session. Hear from Shingy in this exclusive one-on-one interview – where he answers the questions:

    • What does the Impact of Influence mean to AOL?
    • How do you think about the consumer’s digital path-to-purchase?
    • What does the digital consumer of the future look like? And of course…
    • Who does your hair?


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About Kristen Renda:
Kristen Renda serves as Marketing Manager for Compete. Since joining the company in 2008, she has been fully immersed in all aspects of Compete’s marketing programs; developing and executing both online and offline campaigns. Most notably, she plans and manages all company events including the annual Digital CMO Summit.