How Smooth is Dove’s “Show Us Your Skin” Campaign?

Dove Smooth Skin

Image from: Dove

Having your photo featured on a billboard in Times Square has never been easier! Dove’s newest marketing efforts are making this possible by encouraging women (age 18+) to submit a photo of themselves to be placed within a live digital billboard advertisement and allow them to “show off” their skin!

Dove has taken on this image smoothly – arranging three stages of the campaign that have now led to their newest efforts for real women to participate in the world’s first Living Ad campaign. Dove’s “Show Us Your Skin” campaign officially launched on April 11, 2012 and will run until the end of July. This “living ad campaign” includes digital Dove display ads across the country, the predominant display being in New York City’s Times Square.

Looking at we can see that at the launch of the campaign daily attention and daily reach increased. However, has that lift in traffic been sustainable for the site?

Daily Reach and Attention to

Looking further, we can see that unique visits to the site have increased slightly, but the sustained lift in traffic doesn’t seem to have increased by much.

UVs to

Average stay has clearly been following an upward trend starting in March (as was seen with Unique Visitors) yet it has been doing so much faster. Just between the months of April and May this year, Average Stay has increased a significant 10.17%. Not only have there been more Unique Visitors arriving at, but the site also appears to be more engaging for viewers. Could this be a result of the campaign’s participants who are visiting the site to upload their photos?

Average Stay to

While the Unique Visitors and Average Stay for have been increasing since March, the Pages per Visit metric has clearly taken a different trend. Although Pages per Visit did increase from March to April as the other metrics, it took a turn south after the initial campaign launch and decreased a considerable 26.31% from April to May. It is probable that this is a result of Dove’s campaign. Due to the campaign’s requirements, participants must visit Dove’s site to upload their photo, thus it is not a complete surprise that Pages per Visit have decreased since the initial launch. As the participants visit the site to upload their photo, it is likely that many of them are simply going to the campaign’s page, uploading their photo, and then not visiting any other pages.

Pages per Visit to

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see the campaign’s effect on engagement for the visitor. Are people being deterred by the number of pages they have to visit in order to submit their photo?

Is the decrease in Pages per Visit a positive (inferring that their site is easy to navigate), or a negative (implying that the campaign’s participants don’t seem to be viewing many pages, thus not showing a large interest in researching Dove’s products)?

What about you, have you submitted your photo on Will you before the campaign wraps up? Why or why not?

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