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Free Report: Online Over-the-Top Solutions Today

Image from: NetGem Download “Online Over-the-Top Solutions Today” today! This report will explore the growth in online Over-The-Top (OTT) solutions, looking at existing market players and the impact on telecom consumer behavior. As ownership of streaming enabled devices continues to grow, OTT consumption will rapidly increase. The growth in OTT viewing impacts many players, including networks (e.g.,, TV service providers (e.g, Comcast), and stand-alone OTT providers (e.g.,Netflix). From this free

Is “Organic” Food Healthier For Sales?

Image from: Clover Organic Farms It seems like whenever I am in the grocery store, I am more inclined to purchase something organic, over a generic brand. Between stamping USDA certified on a piece of cage free chicken, driving a hybrid and making sure beauty products are not tested on animals; “organic” seems to be a type of consumer, not just a healthy food choice. I decided to look on

Is Display Passing The Test For Online Universities?

With people working longer hours than ever, it’s no surprise many are turning to online universities for their higher education needs. The allure of getting that shiny new degree, coupled with the ability to do it on your own terms, and on your own schedule, makes online education a tempting option for many busy professionals. There’s no shortage of advertising being put forth by schools like University of Phoenix…

Free Report: Which Brand Will be Crowned the “King of Luxury”?

Image from: noktahhitam Who will be Crowned “King of Luxury”? Sales volumes to date reinforce that Mercedes-Benz and BMW will be in a tight race for the 2012 U.S. luxury-vehicle sales crown. Less clear is how Mercedes-Benz and BMW are driving sales, and how susceptible each brand is to losing sales to other rivals, such as Lexus. This white paper will provide an overview of the luxury car market for the

Bitly Alternatives – Which Are Most The Popular?

Image from: Last week, link shortening service Bitly announced a slew of changes to their service; They launched “bitmarks,” w a way to bookmark links, a brand new iPhone app as well as a completely redesigned site. However, some of Bitly’s users haven’t been thrilled with the site’s update, so The New Web put together a list of 9 alternatives to Bitly to fulfill all of your link shortening

Three (More) Fundamentals of Website Analytics

Image from: Analytics Image / Shutterstock According to Tej Kohli of Grafix Softech, website analytics are often an untapped resource for companies trying to ramp up their marketing efforts. In his Marketing Profs post, Focus on the Five Fundamentals of Website Analytics, Kohli describes five “marketing fundamentals” that he says every business should focus on. Here are three more fundamentals of website analytics that I think are critical to marketing success. 1. Know

Sunday Series: Sports Betting Top Movers

Image from: Sports Betting Image / Shutterstock This week our Sunday Series features 10 sports betting websites from our gambling category that saw rapid month-over-month growth in unique visitors.

The Weekly Pulse

There has been lots of talk about Pinterest and its competitors this week. For instance, The Fancy announced that they will be diving into the world of mobile commerce with an update to their iOS app that allows users to purchase things directly from the app. Similarly, The Verge writes about why Pinterest rival Wists failed to become the next big social network. Do you know the keys to affiliate

3 Tools for Targeting Your Display Advertising

Image from: Tools Image / Shutterstock Are you guiding your media planning by actual consumer behavior? In this webinar, we’ll examine the two tools and techniques most used by planners and buyers today, and contrast those with behavioral-based targeting using Compete Media Planner. Learn how Compete’s panel of over 2 million consumers delivers a new level of depth and precision in your agency’s media planning. During this webinar we will

Is Amazon’s Dress Shop Hanging By A Thread?

Kindle advertisements have enjoyed prominent, almost uninterrupted placement on Amazon’s homepage since its popular ebook reader debuted nearly 5 years ago.  The success of the Kindle is due in part to the prime real estate the device has occupied and the resulting exposure among Amazon’s shoppers.  Each month 3% of Amazon’s 90 million unique visitors shop for a Kindle device (with two thirds of them kicking the tires of the