Once Upon A Time: Pitch Decks Are Stories


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Every marketer should work for an agency at some point in his or her career. The exciting, fast-paced world of pitches and juggling multiple clients is not an experience to be missed. Agencies understand that in the most simplified form, marketing and PR consist of telling a story that engages consumers and ultimately leads to new business, whether it’s for your own company or for clients.

When you’re pitching a new business opportunity, your presentation shouldn’t just be a list of your capabilities and a few examples of past successes. You need to show your potential client that you care about them at an individual level and that you’ve done your homework.

One of the best ways to show you care is to use competitive intelligence in your pitch deck to tell a story of an industry backed up by solid, actionable data. Odds are good that you’re not going into your pitch blind and you’ve probably already done some basic competitive research, but through using a competitive intelligence solution and some online ingenuity, you can give your prospect clear examples of gaps in their competitors’ online marketing strategies that you can help them fill.

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Once you’ve convinced your prospect that they could be performing better in specific marketing channels or that they are missing opportunities to grow their business, all you have to do is sell them on your plan to help them succeed.

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