Is America’s Diner Always Open Online?


Image from: Denny’s

Even if you don’t regularly eat a Moon’s Over My Hammy or a Grand Slam, Denny’s is a household name. Branded as “America’s Diner that is Always Open” for more than a year now, I decided to take a look at their online traffic and see who was visiting

Looking at daily reach and daily attention on we can see that there hasn’t been a sustained lift in traffic to in the last three months.

Daily Reach and Attention to

Denny’s launched a web series back in March of 2011 with the goal to engage younger consumers, specifically millennial’s.  The videos featured stars such as, Conan O’Brien and Jessica Biel and are still continuing to be aired. It’s reported that Denny’s spent 63.9 million on advertising in 2011 and with the goal to reach millennial’s the question remains, did they reach their target?

Looking further at the demographic breakdown on we can see that millennial’s are not the highest visitors to the site. Rather, 35-44 and 45-54 year olds are visiting more.

Age Demographics to dennys.comAge Demographics to 2

On June 5th, Denny’s released their mobile app, challenging Denny-goers to check-in to a Denny’s restaurant in each of the 50 states. It seems that Denny’s is trying to open up new levels of engagement with its users. We can see that June 5th did see a spike of traffic, but how is Denny’s going to move forward and maintain those visitors?

Daily Reach and Attention to 2

It seems that Denny’s is creating opportunities for their visitors online 24/7 much like their 24/7 slogan suggests. But, are these online opportunities driving people to their site and in turn driving people to their restaurant?

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