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Weekly Pulse

We’ve talked a lot about gamification, and as such we were interested in Mashable’s list of 6 ways to gamify your Facebook marketing. The post describes your Facebook fans’ engagement as a funnel; they say “At the top, there’s the simplest social action they can take — usually liking your page. At the bottom are complex actions like buy, subscribe or refer others.” Check out their post to see what they recommend for to getting as many people into the top of the and through the funnel as possible.

According to Search Engine Watch, although click-through rates on Facebook mobile ads are significantly higher than those of their desktop counterparts, they caution markets to wait before jumping on the mobile bandwagon. They stress the importance of factoring in conversion and cost per acquisition before declaring Facebook mobile ads a sucess.

We have also talked a lot about Klout lately, so this post by TechCrunch also peaked our interest. NYU Professor of Business Sinan Aral conducted an experiment where he looked at how likely Facebook users were to adopt a a movie review app after one of their friends messaged them. He found that peers of the same age are most influential on each other, and women are less susceptible to influence than men. Aral’s research suggests that Klout’s metrics like follower counts and retweets may be much less important than demographic information.

Do you think that social networks like Tumblr and Pinterest will kill traditional blogging? An op-ed posted on Mashable this week doesn’t think so, in fact, it claims that these social platforms are actually a blogger’s best friend.

Speaking of blog posts, Boston Innovation broke down the most important elements of a blog post in, The Anatomy of a Successful Blog Post. They suggest that nobody will ever “read” your posts line by line, so instead you should make sure that your posts are “scan-friendly.”

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