Is Search So Easy a Caveman Could Do It?

GEICO vs Progressive

Images from: Ultimate Motorcycling and Comic Book Religion

As far as auto insurance goes, buying has only gotten easier. In fact, GEICO would say it’s so easy a caveman could do it. And while Progressive’s Flo might think differently, I decided to look and see how well these sites are performing.

Last year we took a look at some of these celebrity icons in “So This Gecko, Caveman, and a Woman named Flo Walk into a Bar: Part 1” looking at search referral data we saw that strong branding does influence conversion rates.

Looking at Unique Visits to each site on we can see where Flo and the Caveman stand.

UVs to Geico and Progressive

GEICO has more traffic to their site but is that traffic more qualified? Looking further at total search referrals to the sites we can see that GEICO and Progressive are receiving the same volume of search referrals. What’s interesting is that Progressive is paying more for their search referrals and getting the same volume of traffic.

Total Search Referrals to Geico and Progressive

Paid Search Referrals to Geico and Progressive

The caveman appears to be spending less on paid search with the same volume of traffic, which is a positive story for GEICO but moving forward the real questions are:

–          Does GEICO take prospects away from Progressive?

–          Is paid search driving enough conversion for Progressive?

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