Have Man Candles Caught On? A Look Back Into Yankee Candle’s Demographics

Man Candles

Image from: Yankee Candle

Last month, we wrote about Yankee Candle’s new line of candles of men, appropriately named “Man Candles.” Although the new scents released in the line, like “2×4” and “Riding Mower” definitely seemed manly to me, I wondered whether Yankee Candle would be able to get more men interested in burning candles.

Well, the numbers are in and I am surprised to say it appears as though this campaign may have worked! Looking at the demographic data for yankeecandle.com, we can see that the percentage of male visitors to the site increased a full 2% from April to May.

Gender Demographics to yankeecandle.com

Gentlemen: did you check out Yankee’s Man Candles? More importantly, did you buy one? Or is burning candles still not your thing, no matter how manly the names are?

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