Making Marketing History? Burberry Tweets Thank You GIFs

Burberry Twitter

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In honor of hitting 1 million Twitter followers, luxury brand Burberry sent out approximately 3,000 thank you GIFs to fans last Monday. The thank you e-cards were personalized with followers’ names and were tweeted at them directly. While this certainly seems like a nice sentiment, and given that Friday was the GIF’s 25th Birthday, I wanted to determine what impact these tweets had.

In order to try and measure the effectiveness of these thank you e-cards, I looked at the demographics of and, to see if the type of people who shop at Burberry are also likely to be on Twitter. You’ll notice that the age demographics are actually fairly similar. However, there are some discrepancies amongst the other categories. Not surprisingly, Burberry customers tend to come from higher income levels, and percentage of female visitors to Burberry’s site is higher than Twitter’s.

Demographics of

Demographics of

Next, I checked the daily reach to to see if people navigated to the site after receiving their thank you e-card. I was surprised to see that there wasn’t a big jump in traffic. Compared to the traffic over the last 30 days, last Monday wasn’t a noticeable increase.

Daily Reach and Attention to

What do you guys think of this idea? I personally haven’t ever heard of brands doing something like this before, and although the idea seems cute, do you think it was worth it?

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