The Monster of All Job Searches: Analyzing Job Hunting Trends

Looking For a Job

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Last year we took a look at where 20-somethings were searching online for jobs, and with even more 20-somethings entering the job market as well as an economy on the rise after a tough recession, it’s safe to say that people have been looking for employment.

Looking at we can see the unique visitors for top online job boards.

UVs to Online Job Boards takes the cake when it comes to visitors to their site. What’s interesting is that, before the recession, held a huge portion of the attention of employment and employer seekers alike. Word on the street is that the future might not be looking too bright for Monster post-recession.

Looking further I decided to compare Average Stay and Pages/Visits on LinkedIn with those on Monster.

Average Stay and Pages per visit to monster.comAverage stay and pages per visit to

Surprisingly, the numbers were very similar. People are spending just about 7 minutes on each site and visiting between 6 and 7 pages per visit.

While more people are going to LinkedIn, they are interacting with competitive sites on the same level.

Moving forward:

  • How could optimize on the engagement that users are having with their site?
  • How could drive traffic away from and onto their site?

Do you use or LinkedIn for job searching? Which site had the best results for you?

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