May 2012 US Search Market Share Report: Bing Up, Yahoo Up, Google Down

Search Market Share 2

We return to the recent trends in search market share in May, with Bing and Yahoo’s respective share of the market increasing slightly and Google’s share decreasing.

May 2012 Search Market Share

  • Bing gained 0.3ppt’s and Yahoo! gained 0.1ppt’s, driving the Bing Powered market share to 33.7%.
  • Google’s share declined by 0.4ppt’s, and now garners 65.5% of the market.
  • AOL’s share remained unchanged at 0.8% for the third month in a row.
  • The overall search market – as defined by these 4 engines – saw a 2.5% increase in volume from April.  This is the second search query volume increase since December 2011.