Cream Cheese Tops the Charts for Kraft

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I was hosting a lunch for friends the other week and I wanted to make cheese cake for dessert.  Like whenever I am in the need for a new recipe, I took to the internet.  Among the usual recipe sites that appeared in the results, the Philadelphia cream cheese page popped up.  Intrigued, I did a little research to see how successful Kraft is at attracting cheese cake recipe searchers.

Among consumers searching for some variation of “cream cheese recipe” (so this includes terms such as “cream cheese recipe”, “blueberry cream cheese recipe”, “cream cheese recipe low fat”, and the like), Kraft’s websites are the third and sixth most popular destinations, actually beating out some the larger recipe sites.

Daily Keyword Destinations for cream cheese recipe

Even more interesting is that cream cheese related searches are some of the most important referring terms to  Consumers searching on cream cheese related terms constitute almost 1 out of 4 search referrals.  The term “Philadelphia cream cheese” is the number one referring term, with almost 4% of all search referrals.

Daily Search Referrals to

Overwhelmed by the volume of cream cheese related terms, I decided to explore the Philly Cream Cheese section of  Much as the search referrals indicated, Philly represents a sizable portion of overall site activity…and this share has grown significantly in recent months.  Last month, more than 1 out 3 visitors visited the Philly section.

Philidelphia Cream Cheese Share of Total Kraft Visitors

And not surprisingly, the vast majority of site activity occurs on the recipe section.  In fact, the jump in overall Philly visitors since March directly corresponds to an increase in recipe activity.

Activity on Philidelphia Cream Cheese Site

Perhaps the increase traffic is a result of recent SEM efforts.  I noticed that 59% of the visits to from “cheese cake recipe” searches came from a paid ad link.  Whatever Kraft is doing, I say keep up the good work.  And if you are looking for new cheese cake recipe, be sure to check out these yummy recipes from Kraft!

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