Fans Live Stream NBA Playoffs, ESPN Sees Boost In Traffic


Image from: Tumblr

The NBA playoffs is a pretty sore subject around the office right now, at least among Celtics fans. Losing to the Heat in Game 7 last Saturday definitely stung, but feelings aside I thought it would be interesting to take another look into how the Playoffs were impacting traffic online. Last time, we looked at search referrals to to see which teams were driving the most traffic.

Since live streams of the games were available to watch on ESPN, I wanted to see how many people logged on to watch, so I pulled the daily reach and attention to ESPN for the past 30 days.

Daily Reach and Attention to ESPNI wasn’t surprised to see that daily reach and attention were at their highest on Saturday as lots of people signed on to watch the Celtics and the Heat. Going forward, it will be interesting to see how many people will live stream the Finals. How did you guys watch the Celtics game? I am interested to know how many people have have cancelled their cable subscriptions and watch online instead.

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