Spring vs Summer Fashion: Which Sites Are Most Popular

Summer Fahsion Trends

Image from: Elle

Back in March, I wrote about the most popular destinations for information on spring fashion trends. Fashion magazines like Glamour, Marie Claie, Esquire and Elle topped the list of popular sites people navigated to after searching for “spring fashion 2012.” I thought it would be interesting to do a similar search, this time for “summer fashion 2012” to see if the same sites we popular for summer clothing.

Daily Keyword Destinations for Summer Fashion 2012Interestingly, Tumblr was among the top destinations, receiving an average of 12,559,184 site referrals. You’ll see that there are still some fashion mags present, however Tumblr was able to capture significantly more referrals. So the question is, how can tradition fashion mags capitalize on this trend? By creating a Tumblr account of their own of, course!

I searched around and was surprised to find that that Elle, Harper’s Bazaar,  Glamour and Marie Claire all already have their own Tumblr accounts, although some magazines post more frequently than others. While marketing on Pinterest has been all the rage lately, summer fashion proves that Tumblr shouldn’t be overlooked either!

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