Prometheus Appeals to Sci-Fi Fans Both Young and Old


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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been anxiously awaiting Prometheus as one of this summer’s most epic movies.  Also, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been watching Alien on repeat in anticipation.  Why Alien, you ask?  For one, Prometheus marks Alien director Ridley Scott’s return to sci-fi after 30 years of making more terrestrial but equally entertaining movies such as Gladiator and Black Hawk Down.

Even more exciting, though, is the buzz surrounding the intertwining plotlines of Prometheus and Alien.  Some are predicting that the former is a direct prequel to the latter, while the official word seems to be that they are indeed based in the same universe and share some common elements (read: aliens) but that the similarities end there.  Either way, I think we can expect Prometheus to finally answer some of the plot questions that were first raised by Alien way back in 1979.

Given that virtually all of this discussion takes place online, I decided to see what Compete’s data had to say about it.  Not surprisingly, unique visitors to the movie’s main website have jumped substantially over the months leading up to the release.

Unique Visitors to

I found particularly interesting the top keyword referrals to this site.  Three of the most popular search terms include the word “spoiler,” revealing that many fans just can’t wait any longer to find out where exactly that space jockey came from.

Daily Search Referrals to

The demographic data for this website also shows some interesting trends.  I was expecting the younger generation to dominate traffic to the site, but was surprised to find that even the older crowd is pretty well represented.  This just goes to show that those folks that are old enough to remember Alien coming out are taking as much an interest in Prometheus as those that had yet to be born.  It also proves that the studio has succeeded in getting the word out that the two films have connection, however slight they claim it to be.

Age Demographics for

I don’t think this type of interest is something you typically see with a summertime movie release, but I get the feeling that Prometheus won’t be your typical summertime movie.  The studio has also launched a couple rather impressive websites featuring an interactive mission database, a TED talk from the year 2023, and other things designed to immerse you in Ridley Scott’s fictional universe.  These online marketing techniques have definitely helped perpetuate the Alien/Prometheus mythology – all they needed to do was drop some enigmatic hints, and we fans, in true sci-fi geek fashion, have speculated, analyzed, and ultimately assisted in hyping up the movie.

What about you?  Excited to connect the dots between the two films?  Never seen Alien and couldn’t care less?  Whether you’re a sci-fi purist or casual moviegoer , Prometheus promises to be one of 2012’s most thrilling flicks.

About Andrew Dion:
Andrew Dion is a software engineer on the data team at Compete. He is a graduate of Northeastern University, having achieved his B.A. in computer engineering. His favorite sci-fi movie, for the record, is 2001: A Space Odyssey.