Mom vs Dad: Who Gets More Love?

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Spring is filled with many special days.  Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day…and most importantly, Mother’s and Father’s Day.  In the battle between Mom and Dad, I am out to show which parent gets more love on their special day.

Mom’s Get More Gifts

2 out 3 consumers planned to buy a Mother’s Day gift, but just half will buy by dad a gift.  Even more telling is that 35 percent of consumers were planning to buy more than 1 gift for the mom’s in their lives, whereas just 20 percent of consumers will be buying multiple Father’s Day gifts.

How many gifts are you planning to purchase this year

Mom’s Get Gifts from More People

The larger number of gifts bought for mom is likely due to the fact that people are buying mother’s day gifts for more than just their own moms.  Wives, sisters, grandmothers, and aunts are more likely receive a gift than their male counterparts.  Interestingly, children of both genders are equally likely to receive a gift.

For whom are you planning to purchase a gift

Consumers Spend the Same on Mom and Dad

Overall consumers planned to spend about the same amount of money on mom and they will dads.  Since more gifts are bought for moms, the equal overall spend implies a smaller price point per gift for mother’s day presents.  Perhaps consumers buy one large item for the main mom and smaller trinkets for the other moms.

How much are you planning to spend on gifts

By most indicators, mom comes out on top.  She is much more likely to receive a gift and will likely receive more than one, even if those presents are not extravagant.   But there is still a chance to make it right!  Father’s day is coming on June 17th.  Show the dads in life a little extra love.

About Debra Miller Arbesman:
Debra Miller Arbesman is senior associate, retailer and consumer products at Compete, a Kantar Media company that helps brands improve their marketing based on the online behavior of millions of consumers.