Is “Organic” Food Healthier For Sales?


Image from: Clover Organic Farms

It seems like whenever I am in the grocery store, I am more inclined to purchase something organic, over a generic brand. Between stamping USDA certified on a piece of cage free chicken, driving a hybrid and making sure beauty products are not tested on animals; “organic” seems to be a type of consumer, not just a healthy food choice.

I decided to look on and see how organic shoppers were stocking up online.

While most of the top keyword destinations for “organic” are among the top sites on the Internet, the following sites showed up as well:

Daily Keyword Destinations for Organic

The industries for each of these sites vary; from health and beauty to mass merchant to food. When searching for organic items, people aren’t just looking for food, but looking to consume all areas of their life in an organic way. It’s more than just avoiding high fructose corn syrup and steering clear of the McDonalds Egg McMuffin for breakfast.

I decided to see if organic brands have any impact on the consumer by comparing monthly unique visits of three yogurt sites.

UVs to Yogurt Websites

With the highest unique visitors to their site, Stonyfield is the only marketed organic yogurt.  Competitors Dannon and Chobani are “natural” but do not go to market as organic products. While Chobani and Dannon have seen spikes in traffic throughout the year, organic branding obviously leads the charge in the yogurt world.

To what extent is organic branding driving revenue? What other products, not in the yogurt market, are competing against organic branding?

In the end, is organic food healthier for the consumer and the brand?

About Alyssa Maine:
Alyssa is on the Inside Sales team here at Millward Brown Digital, working within the Financial Services and Technology & Entertainment industries delivering digital intelligence that helps clients improve their marketing based on the online behavior of millions of consumers. Find Alyssa on Twitter at @alyssamaine or connect with her on Linkedin.