Three (More) Fundamentals of Website Analytics


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According to Tej Kohli of Grafix Softech, website analytics are often an untapped resource for companies trying to ramp up their marketing efforts. In his Marketing Profs post, Focus on the Five Fundamentals of Website Analytics, Kohli describes five “marketing fundamentals” that he says every business should focus on.

Here are three more fundamentals of website analytics that I think are critical to marketing success.

1. Know Your Competition

Competitive intelligence tools can show how your competitors are attracting and keeping customers online. Understand what sites and channels are their most productive, newest, or untapped so you can get a leg up. Looking into what either is or isn’t working for competing brands can help you decide how to proceed with your own marketing efforts.

2. Daily Metrics

Daily information can give you insight into the effectiveness of your competitor’s marketing efforts especially if you’re certain they rely heavily on email marketing for traffic.  Daily attention gives you a look into the impact of planned or unplanned events, such as new advertising campaigns, product/service launches or general site growth and daily reach measures how many people visit a website as a percentage of all U.S. Internet users online. Looking at the daily metrics can help you map out if, for example, Tuesdays and Thursdays were reaching the most people or if Mondays and Fridays were most engaging.

3. Keyword & Search Metrics

Keyword and search metrics can help improve your search marketing by understanding which keywords are driving the most traffic to your competitors’ websites. You should look at keyword and search metrics that include paid versus organic search trends and historical search referral data, enabling you to create optimized SEO/SEM campaigns that attract and engage your most important customers.

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