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The Weekly Pulse

We all know what happens when a user-generated campaign goes awry (see: #McDstories), so helpfully Mashable compiled a list of 3 user-generated campaigns that got it right. What do you think makes a good UGC? Do you know social media marketing’s biggest myths? Digiday published an article this week as part of The Social Operating System that includes opinions on social media from agency executives. Kevin Gibbons from Search Engine

Webinar Replay: 3 Tools for Targeting Your Display Advertising

Image from: Computer Image / Shutterstock Compete recently hosted a webinar on “3 Tools for Targeting Your Display Advertising.” We understand that you undoubtedly spend a huge amount of time on ad planning to get to your ideal customer, but we posed the question, “do you really know who you’re reaching?” Download the replay here!

Once Upon A Time: Pitch Decks Are Stories

Image from: Typewriter / Shutterstock Every marketer should work for an agency at some point in his or her career. The exciting, fast-paced world of pitches and juggling multiple clients is not an experience to be missed. Agencies understand that in the most simplified form, marketing and PR consist of telling a story that engages consumers and ultimately leads to new business, whether it’s for your own company or for

Pinning Down the Impact of Pinterest

Image from: Pinterest Pinterest’s rapid ascent in traffic growth has sent marketers scrambling to understand the impact the site is having on its brand.   To put the growth in context, Pinterest has grown from 700K to almost 20M unique visitors in the last year – or about half the number of Twitter’s unique visitors. The surge in Pinterest traffic has gotten the attention of brand marketers who need to understand

Is America’s Diner Always Open Online?

Image from: Denny’s Even if you don’t regularly eat a Moon’s Over My Hammy or a Grand Slam, Denny’s is a household name. Branded as “America’s Diner that is Always Open” for more than a year now, I decided to take a look at their online traffic and see who was visiting Looking at daily reach and daily attention on we can see that there hasn’t been a

Guessing if Fossil’s Search Traffic is One to Watch

Image from: Kaboodle Last month, I decided it was time to finally purchase a new watch. After a brief discussion with a close friend, I narrowed my choices down between either a Guess? or a Fossil watch. Now it was time to hit the web and I immediately found myself on Google. Understandably, I began my search using the keyword “watch”. Once on the first search results page, I was’s Search Strategy Deserves 5 Stars

Image from: Hotel Image / Shutterstock Very few sites can boast the enviable curves, and pitch-deck-esque trend lines of’s traffic. With more than quintuple the amount of traffic from June 2 years ago, Booking seems to have the online traffic acquisition game pinned down.  This should come as no surprise considering falls under the umbrella, another perennial powerhouse in the Online Travel Agency category.  As long as

Sunday Series – Fashion and Style

Image from: Handbag Image / Shutterstock For our Sunday Series this week we have featured 10 websites with a large monthly increase in unique visitors from the Fashion and Style category.

The Weekly Pulse

We’ve talked a lot about gamification, and as such we were interested in Mashable’s list of 6 ways to gamify your Facebook marketing. The post describes your Facebook fans’ engagement as a funnel; they say “At the top, there’s the simplest social action they can take — usually liking your page. At the bottom are complex actions like buy, subscribe or refer others.” Check out their post to see what

Measuring the Travel Flash Sale Segment

Image from: Travel Image / Shutterstock Daily deal or Flash Sale sites have been rising in popularity, is a newer entrant that has quickly gained interest from consumers and even passed some of its retail counterparts. Looking at we see that between, and, has driven more traffic than its competitors since launch and now sits at about 1.4 million unique visitors as of May


With so much happening in social media today it can be difficult for brands to measure what is happening across all of the platforms. At the 2012 Digital CMO Summit, Jeff Ragovin, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Buddy Media shared his perspective on how brands are streamlining and leveraging social data to create more powerful content. Throughout the session Jeff shared case-studies from Ford, The Body Shop and Mattel