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Webinar: Optimize Your Media Strategy

Shutterstock / Tertman In this webinar, we will learn how our panel-based solutions are able to provide the data and insights you need to understand how your advertising affects consumer behavior Want to measure the total impact of your advertising campaign? Increase the efficiency of your media buy with Compete advertising effectiveness tools. Learn how our panel-based solutions are able to provide the data and insights you need to understand

NBA Playoffs: Can Search Data Predict A Winner?

Image from: We’ve written several posts about the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the past few weeks, and now that the Bruins are out I have turned my attention to more important things – like the Celtics. Just as I did with the search referrals to, I decided to take a look at the search referrals to to see which teams were driving the most traffic. The Lakers,

Location, Location, Location: Analyzing Apartment Search Site Keywords

Image from: Apartment Key Image / Shutterstock Several weeks ago, we wrote a post about the top home buying sites and their performance online. As a college student, I am definitely not buying a house anytime soon, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at apartment hunting sites instead. In fact, yesterday Mashable published an article featuring 10 websites for apartment hunters so I decided to

The Dark Knight Has Risen Thanks to Cryptic Viral Marketing

Image from: As the weather warms up (or if you’ve been in the northeast lately, cools off and rains), we can’t help but think about the awesome movies that Hollywood will be putting out this summer. Two of the most anticipated films this year, The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, are set to be released soon (Avengers tomorrow and Rises in July), and both have drummed up buzz

The Growing Value of Dollar Stores Online

Image from: Dollar Store Image / Shutterstock Shoppers may not associate dollar stores with ecommerce, as the cost of shipping is likely to exceed the price of most items sold in these stores. However, traffic to dollar store sites has been steadily increasing over the past few years, and more shoppers are turning to the web for increased value. The three main players in the space, Dollar General, Family Dollar,

Off to the Races! A Look Into The Kentucky Derby

Image from: Kentucky Derby Image / Shutterstock Mint Juleps! Fancy hats! What more could a girl want than a day at the Kentucky Derby?! The 2012 Kentucky Derby will be held this Saturday, so I decided to check up on the online traffic. Daily Reach to the Kentucky Derby site has seen steady growth over the past 3 months, proving that people are gearing up for the race. But what

Webinar Replay: 3 Tools for Targeting Your Display Advertising

Image from: jannoon028/Shutterstock Compete recently hosted a webinar on “3 Tools for Targeting Your Display Advertising.” We understand that you undoubtedly spend a huge amount of time on ad targeting to get to your ideal customer, but we posed the question, “do you really know who you’re reaching?” Watch the replay below: View the slides below: 3 Tools for Targeting Your Display Advertising View more PowerPoint from Compete

Nothing Trashy About Waste Management’s Web Traffic

Image from: Trash Can Image / Shutterstock If, like me, you’re a fan of AMC, and look forward to Sunday nights filled with Zombies, meth dealing high school teachers and murder mysteries you may have checked out the new series The Pitch last night. If, like me, you’re also in the marketing or advertising industry, you may have had the new series scheduled for the DVR weeks ago.  The show