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Harry Potter Fans: Are You On Pottermore?

Image from: Word of the Nerd Online I am a self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd. I’ve read all of the books a millions times, have practically memorized the movies and I  may or may not have a replica of Hermione’s wand at home. So needless to say last September when I got my welcome letter to join in the beta testing of Pottermore I was more than excited, I was thrilled!

Live From CTIA: Operators Look to Respond to Challenging Market Dynamics with New Sources of Differentiation & Aggressive Posturing

Image from: Wireless and Mobile News This week carriers, OEMs and wireless ecosystem participants of all shapes and sizes descended on New Orleans for the annual CTIA show. And in a nice quirk of timing – aided by the show’s smart decision to move the show dates back a month and a half – CTIA coincided with the last of the big 4 carriers reporting Q1 earnings. After looking at

10 Tweets From the Digital CMO Summit

We just wrapped up three days at Compete’s Digital CMO Summit in one of the most famous zipcodes in the universe: 90210. This year’s theme was the Impact of Influence and as we spent time in Beverly Hills we explored how brands and their agency partners harnessed the disruptive forces of new media to engage with customers. We have learned so much over the past three days and are excited

Your Report Card Is In; Search Marketing Plays Well With Others

Image from: Student Image / Shutterstock The old model of communication (sender -> receiver) doesn’t really cut it anymore, especially with the ubiquity of social media in our digital world. Your search marketing efforts shouldn’t be any different. Allowing your search ads to be more interactive for consumers is a great way to increase engagement with your paid search campaigns, and at the same time, shows your potential customers that

Putting the Ever… In Evernote

Image from: Randy Elrod In our ever changing world where the next great idea seems to be yesterday’s old news,  it’s refreshing to see a company that offers true value persevere. Last week Evernote raised 70 million dollars in a Series D round of funding that will help ensure they continue to thrive and gives their users security in knowing their “notes” will remain accessible for years to come. As

New Girl Threatens Veteran Shows Online

Image from: The Faster Times Everyone keeps telling me that I have to start watching New Girl; I have heard exclusively good things, and according to an AdAge article published today the new show even ousted American Idol to make the list of sites with the most social media check-ins. I wanted to look and see what the Compete PRO data said about all of the New Girl hype. Although

John Deere Mows Down the Competition

Image from: Lawn Tractor Buyers Guide With the first weekend of May under our belts in Boston, spring is in full bloom, and its time to turn our attention towards what needs to be done now that the weather is improving.  Grills need to be cleaned, beer needs to be picked up from the “packy,” as we say up these parts, and stomachs need to be prepped for the inevitable

Marvel vs DC: There Is A Clear Online Super Hero

Image from: Popwatch It’s a classic battle of Goliaths with fanboys on either side ready to defend until their faces turn blue. An epic rivalry to the likes of Coke vs Pepsi, Apple vs Microsoft, Boston vs New York, and cold vs warm.  One side has a web slinging teenager, a team of Avengers, mutant-men (and women), a man made of Iron, a tough guy with an eye patch and

How End of the Semester Insanity Plays Out Online

Image from: Student Image / Shutterstock It’s that time of year again; the dust is finally settling as the semester has come to an end and students can breathe a sigh of relief. In fact, I noticed that “gpa calculator” was a popular search term this morning according to Google Trends. On Sunday, we dedicated our Sunday Series to taking a look at websites with high increases in monthly visitors

Sunday Series: Fast Movers in Student Resources

Image from: Graduation Image / Shutterstock In honor of the many students graduating this weekend, we decided that this week’s edition of the Sunday Series should be a look at sites with a high monthly increase in Unique Visitors from the Student Resources category. Congrats grads!

The Weekly Pulse

We have been talking about Klout a lot lately; first we reported that they launched a mobile app for checking your score on the go, and then we wrote a blog post discussing the popularity of the social service. This week, TechCrunch announced that Klout has released a new, speedier API. Boston Innovation posted an article about Bettina Hein, CEO at Boston-based Pixability and co-author of the upcoming Video Marketing for Dummies,