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April 2012 Fast Movers

Image from: Baseball Image / Shutterstock Below are 10 sites that saw rapid monthly growth in Unique Visitors during April. This month, baseball season drove the MLB site to the top of the list with a 63.99% increase.

Socialcam vs Viddy

If  you’re ever on Facebook (and who isn’t?), you’ve probably noticed new social video applications popping up over the past month – Socialcam and Viddy. Many are describing the applications as an Instagram for videos, as you can record a brief moment of your life, add an artistic filter, and share it socially. Now I’m not a big fan of applications that require you to share your personal information in

Solar Eclipse: Getting Ready for the “Ring of Fire”

Image from: Mother Nature Network Prepare your eye-wear, because this Sunday the annular solar eclipse will take place creating a “ring of fire” in the sky. The ring will be visible as the moon passes between the Earth and Sun, creating a halo effect as the eclipse will block out 94% of the sun’s light. Cool! But how can you get ready for the eclipse? I checked into the Compete PRO

Mandles?! Can Yankee Candle Get More Men to Burn Candles?

Image from: Yankee Candle Looking to get a jump on Father’s Day Shopping? Why not get Dad a candle? Yes, a candle. Yankee Candle has recently launched a new line of candles specifically for men, appropriately named “Man Candles” or as Boston Innovation put it, “Mandles.” Yankee Candle’s new “Man Candles” line with include 4 limited edition scents: Man Town, a “masculine blend of spices, woods and musk,” First Down,

What’s In A Name: Are We Really Naming Our Kids After Celebs?

Image from: Baby Name Image / Shutterstock Yesterday, the U.S. Social Security Administration released the most popular baby names for 2011, and today, everyone is buzzing about the relation of said baby names to today’s celebrities. Female Names Sophia Isabella Emma Olivia Ava Emily Abigail Madison Mia Chloe Male Names Jacob Mason William Jayden Noah Michael Ethan Alexander Aiden Daniel The name “Sophia” was the most popular name for a girl, and

Publishers Clearing House: Giving away money to make money?!

Image from: PCH We’ve all seen the videos online, where a TV crew pulls up to some lucky, unsuspecting household and they roll up to the doorstep with a bunch of balloons and a check the size of highway billboard to make someone rich.  The first thing that always pops into my mind when I come across these clips is “can you cash those checks at the bank?”  The second

April 2012 US Search Market Share Report: Bing up, Google up, Yahoo down

For the first time in months, the usual market share trends changed for Google and for Yahoo!. Google increased its share for the first time since December 2011 to 65.9% of the US core web search market. Yahoo! had been experiencing small increases in share steadily since December 2011, but saw a decline of 0.7ppt’s from March to April. Bing continues to gain monthly share since October 2011, and experienced

10 Photos from the DCMO Summit!

This time last week we were kicking off the 2012 Digital CMO Summit in Beverly Hills. Between speakers from AOL, Yahoo!, Funny or Die, and Vice, to views of the LA skyline and celeb sightings, we weren’t ready to leave. Below are just a few photos from our time in the 90210. Scott and Ryan are helping build bikes for the Boys and Girls Club of East LA, which is up

Sunday Series: Restaurants and Dining

Image from: My Pizza Brothers Our Sunday Series this week we are features 10 website with a large monthly increase in Unique Visitors from the Restaurants and Dining category. Bon appetit!

The Weekly Pulse

This week, our Digital CMO Summit was held in Beverly Hills. For a snapshot of the content that we covered, check out our list of 10 Tweets from the Summit. For more tweets follow the Digital CMO Summit @dcmosummit or check out our hashtags #digitalcmo and #dcmosummit. Are your Facebook fans engaged with your brand? Mashable provides us with 4 tools that can help boost Facebook engagement. For instance, they recommend EdgeRank Checker

World Isn’t Ending Yet, But It Sure Is Fun To Watch

Image from: Your Preparation Station Great news: according to a new Mayan calendar discovery it appears the the world will not in fact end in December 2012. Experts say these new calculations suggest that the world won’t end for another 6,000 years. Well that’s a relief. But were any of you actually worried? I scoured through our data to see if I could find any “Doomsday 2012” related site that