An Updated Look Into the Battle Between Pinterest and The Fancy

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In February, we wrote about how The Fancy, a site very similar to Pinterest, was poised to take over a chunk of Pinterest’s traffic with the launch of their new web store. We compared traffic to both of the sites in their first four months of existence, and noticed that users adopted The Fancy much more quickly than they did Pinterest. We also noticed that although The Fancy receives no where as much traffic as Pinterest does, The Fancy was able to achieve higher average stay (albeit only 17 seconds higher) than Pinterest last May.

Fast forward a few months to today, we learned that The Fancy has jumped into mobile commerce with an update to their iOS app; users can now purchase products from the app with just one click. According to Mashable, The Fancy now brings in about $50,000 a week in sales and has a customer base of almost 1 million users.

I thought it would be interesting to check back in on The Fancy and see how they have faired since the launch of their web store last February. Below are the unique visitors to the site over the past two years. You’ll notice that after experiencing a %90 M-O-M increase in February, the number of unique visitors dropped slightly in March and April.

Unique Visitors to The FancyIt appears as though, over time, people aren’t as happy with The Fancy as I had originally suspected. In fact, the outgoing traffic from The Fancy for the month of April shows that 8.29% of all outgoing traffic goes back to Pinterest.

Outgoing Traffic for

Have you guys tried The Fancy? Have you downloaded the iOS app? Do you like it better than Pinterest? Let us know what you think!

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