Webinar Replay: Ad Effectiveness Tools Can Help!

Image from: Floris Slooff/Shutterstock

Compete recently hosted a webinar on “How Ad Effectiveness Tools Can Help Optimize Your Media Strategy.” Learn how our panel based solutions are able to provide data and insights you need to understand how your advertising affects consumer behavior.
A few takeaways from our presentation:

  1. An ad campaign impacts consumer behavior beyond just the brand site, extending into 3rd party site research, competitive visitation, search, and so on. With Ad Impact, we have the advantage of measurement based on a panel as opposed to cookies, giving us insight into all peripheral activity.
  2. It is beneficial to future campaign optimization to break down overall activity results and analysis into exposure frequency, targeting tactic, placement, or creative to better assess the drivers behind your campaign success.
  3. With Ad Impact, not only are you finally able to quantify the results to your marketing efforts, but you can do so at the dollar spend level. Our ROI analysis provides data-backed cost-efficiency evaluation across various data cuts.

Check out the replay below:

Check out the slides here:

About Alyssa Maine:
Alyssa is a Marketing Coordinator for Compete and spends her time diving into the digital marketing sphere, where online and offline coincide. Alyssa is interested in international marketing and economic development, but as a digital native also spends her time reading blogs and playing Tiny Wings. Find Alyssa on Twitter at @alyssamaine or connect with her on Linkedin or Google+